Thank You Mother Nature

It was a tight fit and we had to put in our trailer slide, but we were able to shoehorn the pumper tuck into position.

While the rest of the country is enjoying the frigid temperatures that we had around Christmas, this week turned out to be one of those rare Oregon winter breaks.  Starting last Sunday.  the skies have been clear and dry.  I didn’t think this was going to help us though because the ground was still so wet and we would not be able to get concrete trucks up our driveway until we had several weeks of dry weather. (maybe June).  Well we heard from Ryan at RK Concrete yesterday that if they pumped the concrete up the hill, they could pour on Thursday. WOW!!!

So now there is a frantic effort to get ready for Thursday.  Joey and Doug from RK Concrete showed up to set up the big pumper truck.

pastedGraphic.pdfYou can see from this picture and the one above that the boom truck had a tight fit getting into position.


Joey the boom operator deftly maneuvered the boom up the hill and through the trees.

pastedGraphic_2.pdfDoug helped position the “working end” of the boom.  Now all we have to do is lay about 100 feet of hose up the rest of the hill.


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