The Big Pour


The first “lift” being poured into one of the wings


Beckett, the superviser


Well, it’s 7:30 am Ryan and his crew from RK Concrete have arrived to pour our foundation/slab.  The first two concrete trucks arrived on time to feed the boom truck at the bottom of our hill.  It was an amazing feat pumping all that concrete up hill nearly 250 feet.  An unfortunate delay after the second truckload  a bit of stress.  We were able to continue the pour within 45 minutes.

The pour went along well until a 12 foot section of the form blew out under the pressure of the concrete.  More stress.  Ryan and his crew jumped into action resetting the form and also added extra reinforcing all around.  With the delays and blow-out, placing the brackets turned out to be a bit of a challenge into the ever-hardening concrete.

Success!!  69 yards of concrete and 7 hours of non-stop excitement.  We have a foundation – something to build on.

Boom truck next to trailer
ready to pump up hill.

Beckett holding down the
extra 70′ of concrete hose


It was a crazy day with the stresses of concrete delivery delays (mid-pour), a big blow-out, and trying to get all the steel brackets correctly placed in the ever-hardening concrete.  Kudos go to Ryan and his crew from RK concrete for their professionalism and grace under pressure.

Thank you Joey, Doug, Grant, John, Mike and Eric.  Also thanks to our friend the engineer, Paul Brookhyser for his we-couldn’t-have-done-it-without-you help.


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