Our first big erection…..of steel

It’s been 5 days since pouring the foundation and the concrete is set enough to erect the steel arches.  A crew of friends showed up this morning to help with the task.  First we had to haul up the last of the large arches that took all our effort to move. It was a bit of a struggle for Dozy hauling the trailer up the hill but she made made it with the very heavy loads.

I felt like a kid with a big erector set as we started to bolt together the beams.  We are especially grateful to our friend Jody for his skill with rope and tackle.  Also many thanks to our friends; Eric, Paul, Miguel, Khat and Rory for their many – hands – make – light – work, assistance.

With the concrete set we started bolting together the steel arches, compression ring (for the cupola), and cross pieces.  Most parts matched up perfectly with just a few joints needing a little “convincing”.  There are still 7 more main arches, the entry arch and the retaining wall arches (3) to go.

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