When we removed the forms made from highway construction signs. they left an impression. I guess the concrete acted like Silly Putty.

We now have the north entry arches in place.  These were much lighter than the main arches so Jeff and I were able to put them up ourselves.

pastedGraphic.pdfOur new hammer-drill made it easy to set in the concrete bolts.




All the house arches are in place.


Now we just have to figure

out how to get these big pastedGraphic_3.pdfretaining wall arches up.


Hi Steve and Jeff,
I think your project is just amazing.
My partner and I are looking to do something
similar as well.How is the project going?
Have you stopped because of weather?
I a sooooooooooo looking forward to more!
J Robert

Saturday, February 21, 2009 – 01:08 PM
Hi J Robert
We’ve had some rainy weather and we are currently building a beam to support the large arches when we erect them next. It might be a few weeks until we get to those.
Let us know if we can give you any info on your project.
Tuesday, March 10, 2009 – 01:37 PM

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