North Meets South

Today was a milestone.  It was the day that we connected the first piece of vertical rebar from the North side of the main barrel vaulted structure, over the top, with a rod coming up from the South side.


We made great progress with the help of some wonderful friends.  Claire, Eric, Beckett, Karen, Meredith and David stopped by.


While Claire pounded in the steel tabs on the arch beams,  Eric and David completed one of the sections of vertical rebar.


Note that David is wearing his tie dye shirt in honor of this rebar tying event.


Meredith and Karen finished off the North entrance arch.


Beckett was on hand to fetch rebar ties and pass around the Hickey Bar.  He also stationed himself on top of the scaffolding to protect us from intruders with an amazing arsenal of weaponry. (pipe wrench bazooka and the like)

The hard workers were rewarded with my Thai BBQ Tuna, Jeff’s wonderful potato salad and Karen’s famous salsa.

THANK YOU Everyone.

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