Steve-A-Go-Go or, What the Cupola is that?

The beams we put in to keep the compression ring level served as great anchor points for a platform to work on the cupola.  But while I was up there taking measurements, I just couldn’t resist a little go-go dancing.

We have to build a form that the concrete will go up to surround the cupola.


I started out by making a pattern of the compression ring.  Then I built the framework from the lumber milled on our property.



The framework is then skinned with OSB board and will be wrapped with roofing felt.  A rebar grid will continue up from the top of the arch to surround the cupola. We decided to have a skylight  atop our cupola instead of vertical windows, which will simplify the construction process.  We will have a bit of a challenge figuring out how to cut, what is essentially a octagonal tube, at an angle.  Sort of like taking a diagonal slice out of a carrot. The North side will be roughly two feet higher than the South side.  I’m afraid that this is all we accomplished this weekend but Jeff did get a bunch more rebar painted.


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