LASER Beam Me Up Scotty

I’ve been wracking my brain trying to figure out how to make a perfect diagonal “slice” out of the cupola form.  The it came to me…use a laser beam. I got out my camera tripod that has a special swivel ball leveler under the standard camera mount, and bungeed a laser onto it.


The swivel ball allowed me to set the diagonal angle.  By rotating the camera mount, the laser projected a red dot onto the form which I marked off. (It’s too bad the laser wasn’t powerful enough to actually cut the wood. It would have made my job easier.)  I then transfered the marks to the outside by drilling holes along the lines.  Got my saw out.  And Voila!



The weather forecast calls for rain, so we are not sure what more we will get done this weekend.  I’m glad we have the tarp up over the work area.

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