Reflections of a homebuilder

This weekend we were able to finish putting up the arch lip form boards on the West end.  Now we are really attracting attention with all three orange “rings” visible from the road.




It is our dream to have the whole south wall be a “curtain wall” of glass.  However, the cost of this will be more than the East, West and North walls combined.  As we are building this house on a tight budget, we have decided that it would be more expedient to build a temporary wall with a few standard windows until such time that we can afford all that glass.  Being able to do this is one of the benefits of this type of structure.  None of the walls are load bearing so it will be easy to replace later.  Plus we have all this great 2 X 6 lumber milled from the trees on-site that we can use for the framing.  Today we scored some windows that were removed from the Episcopal Church in Lincoln City.  They were posted on as a give-away.




The two windows are 4 feet by 8 feet tall with a 1 foot opening section at the top. Thank you David Adamson for helping us get these heavy windows off Wally.


We will place these in the wall next to a sliding glass door. This will be great for our South wall….for now.


The rains have started up again and we still have a fair bit to do before we can spray the concrete shell, but we are hopeful that will happen before the end of the year.