Cold Steel

I was able to get off work early today so Jeff and I headed up the hill to tie a bit of rebar.  We still need to tie more re-enforcing around the lip of the South retaining wall.  We managed to get about half of it done before the cold and impending darkness drove us down the hill.  It feels like it might snow tonight and will likely reach freezing temperatures.  Not a pleasant thought for our cold and leaky trailer. (the furnace is going out), but at least it’s not raining.  It will be so great when we are finally in our warm and snug earth sheltered home.  We will pretty much be able to heat the place with a candle.




Despite the cold fingers and toes, it felt great working on the house again.  The weather has not been very cooperative and it’s been three weeks since we were last up here working.  Below is a great shot that shows an overview of where we are right now.




And don’t feel too badly for us. We have an electric blanket!


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