The Best Christmas Present Ever

Jeff and I woke up Christmas morning to a day that was bright and clear (albeit rather cool and windy).  It was the first chance in a long while that we have been able to get some work done on the house.  Before going to Beckett’s for Christmas dinner, we headed up the hill and worked on the North wall.  One of the last bits of rebar work goes up the back side of the North wall.  First we put up tar paper.




This interesting picture above was take with my supposedly indestructible, military spec Motorola phone camera.    The glass face shattered leaving a crack over the lens.  This is what caused the cool double exposure effect. We will be using Jeff’s camera phone now. Anyway, back to the house.






We had some left over #5 rebar (thicker than what we usually use) and struggled a bit to bend them to match the curve.  We probably could have just laid them straight across but I like to think about the aesthetic beauty of what lays inside the concrete. (Can you hear Jeff mumbling under his breath?).




Along with two days of clear weather, one of our other great Christmas presents is this neat indoor/outdoor mat made from recycled plastic.  It’s outdoor now but as soon as we have our shell done, it will be indoors.  Thanks, brother Tim.




At the end of the day on Saturday we were pretty much done with the North wall but we could see the next weather front moving in.  Made for a nice sunset though.






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