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The Top 10 Articles You Didn’t See: November 2011

The Gulf Coast may not be gracing the headlines, but there’s plenty of things happening in the area that continues to feel the severe ramifications of last year’s spill. This month we’re highlighting some of the news articles that didn’t make headlines, keeping you up to date on what’s taking place in the Gulf and bringing awareness to the plethora of issues still at hand in the area.  Dr. Ed Cake, retired Mississippi State University Ecology Professor and environmental activist compiles relevant articles on a daily basis and passes them on to us.

Evidence shows Gulf oil spill caused widespread ecological damage

Corexit Makers May Be Liable for Use at Oil Spill

Researchers: BP oil spill may have contributed to Gulf of Mexico dolphin deaths

Real trouble could be ahead for Gulf fish, wildlife, researcher warns

LSU confirms oil from BP well; feds collect samples

Dispersants Used in BP Gulf Oil Spill Linked to Cancer

Dolphins near Grand Isle being tested for BP oil exposure

The BP Spill One Year Later: Renewing Trust Along With Ecology

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