North to South

It was a busy weekend. Friday, we completed the berm up to where the waterproofers left off the previous week. Saturday we took a jaunt into Eugene to pick up some supplies. It was scorching hot in the Valley. Our car’s thermometer read 95 degrees at 11 am when we left to head home where it was only 85 degrees.

Jeff & I spent the rest of the day cleaning up inside the house. We then started to apply a concrete sealer to part of the floor. Since we have not decided on, (nor can we afford) any kind of flooring, this sealer will make it easier to keep the concrete floor clean and adds a  nice sheen to it.

Scott Bond of LDC Inc along with his workers David and Alex showed up Sunday morning and started on the West end. They completed the whole West end and will be back on Thursday to finish off all the waterproofing.  More of Mt. NOAA will be showing up on Monday and will be stock piled in our parking area awaiting the “final burial”


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