Over the Next Hump


It’s amazing how quick Tyrell the tracked  loader is at moving material.  I didn’t think we were going to get much past covering the entrance but we just kept going.  After creating an earthen ramp from the north barrel vault to the east end, we were able to make it over the top.We then started to  fill in the SE corner.
If you were wondering about the white foam boards that you have seen in these pictures, their purpose is three-fold. First, they are acting as an extra layer of protection for the waterproofing layer. There are some pretty substantial rocks in this fill material. We have been trying to pick them out (for a later use as a rock wall), but we wouldn’t want anything to puncture the membrane. Secondly, the foam boards act as a thermal break between the concrete shell and the surrounding earth.  Lastly, we have a huge stack of left-over foam boards from the shell forming process.  Burying them over the shell solves a construction waste challenge

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