Dozy & Goliath


Dozy may look bigger in this picture than Goliath the Excavator but that’s just a matter of perspective.  This weekend we needed a much larger and more capable machine to do some major earth moving.  With a base of over 700 yards of “Mt. NOAA” sand already on our house, we still need a fair bit more fill to get it completely covered.  Plus add in a layer of topsoil.  Fortunately, we have both enough fill and topsoil to complete this just in the hillock next to our parking area.

However, this earthmoving project was a bit too much for Dozy so John Mosier of Buzy Bee Excavating came by to help us out.  His masterful operation of the big excavator “Goliath” made light work of it.There were a couple of pretty substantial stumps that John had to deal with but eventually he got them dug out.

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