Pre Plaster Preparation Party

Preparing for the plaster crew involved clearing out as much stuff as possible from inside our house.  One large item is our air compressor which we move with the help of Dozy to a protected spot behind the pump house.  It will eventually end up in my shop.  Next was to lay down protective floor covering.

On Sunday, friends Nolle, Claire and Eric stopped by to help paint a bonding agent that will help the plaster stick to the walls.  There is a lot of surface to cover and it was great having the help.Pretty much everything else in the house is on wheels so we could shift them out of the way.

2 thoughts on “Pre Plaster Preparation Party

  1. Absolutely amazing alliterations! How long is the plastering process expected to take? What sort of plaster did you settle on?

    • Hi Bryan,
      The team of 4 guys from Hiestands Plastering from Eugene Oregon did the job in two and a half days. It was amazing to see these guys work. It is what I would say as Traditional Plaster. They did a texture called “Push” It looks Great!

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