Et Voila

With the plastering done, now we wait for it to dry enough to paint.  You can see in the above pictures where the walls have slightly darker areas.  Those are still wet.. When everything is consistently light colored it will be ready.  We have two dehumidifiers along with fans and heaters running.  It may still take another week for it to be ready though.

5 thoughts on “Et Voila

  1. Hi! I’ve been interested in earth sheltered homes for a few years, so I really enjoyed reading your blog. I’m from California, and as you know yourself being located along the Pacific Rim, earthquakes are a constant part of life here. If I were to build an earth sheltered home in California, are there any special considerations that need to be taken into account for earthquakes? Thanks!

  2. Hi Wayne,
    One of the greatest aspects of this earth sheltered building technology is its resistance to earthquake damage. Check out They are the company that did has the “building system” that we used. Their website goes into more detail on the benefits of their designs.

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