A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To The Paint Store

Jeff has three beautiful, framed, french made world maps from when he worked in a map store in DC. (Selling maps to CIA agents).  They have been in storage for a long time waiting for a wall to hang on.  We now have that wall but what color to paint it?  We figured we would try to match one of the colors in the maps so we took one down to the paint store.  After laying it out on the counter and comparing paint chips, we picked a sort of deep pumpkin color (from the mountain ranges).  But just as the Miller Paint guy was about to start mixing the paint, an artist walked in and said “STOP, you can’t paint the wall that color”  She then spent the next half hour explaining why we should choose a complementary color but not one in the map.  So we ended up with “Sedge”It’s kind of a Taupe color.  I’m not sure the pictures do it justice but it looks great!We also painted the area above the soffit in the kitchen.  It is a nice compliment to the “Twinkle Twinkle” cream walls  and rusty red metal paint.

I can’t wait to see the maps on the wall.

We also spent time this weekend preparing for a rough in electrical inspection.  We will then be able to finish the electrical connections to the guest bedroom, bathroom and kitchen.  Here I am installing the electrical box and wires for our future range hood.



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