Missed It By That Much


We are installing beautiful travertine tile on the guest bathroom floor.  But first, we need to put down an uncoupling layer called Schluter Ditra.  It will help prevent cracking in the tile if there is ever any movement in the concrete floor.  It gets set in a thin bed of mortar then the tiles will be installed on top of it.





The Schluter Ditra was very simple to work with. Lightweight and easy to cut and place.

It was very exciting laying down the first bit of tile.  The 2 inch square travertine tiles are attached to a 12″ X 12″ backing to make it easier to install.The process went fairly quickly until we got to the end and realized we were short about a 6 inch square area of tiles.  Oh well! we will pick up more tile and the grout so we can finish the floor later.  BTW, the hole in the wall is where a cabinet will go that extends under the corner of the kitchen counter (wasted space) on the other side of the wall.  The cabinet will have a deep drawer to hold towels. Aren’t we clever?…. except for that bit about not getting enough tile.:-)

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