The Flushing Truth or Another Major Milestone

With all the tile work finished in the guest bathroom, it’s time to install the toilet.  We were given a very nice one-piece toilet that has a skirted side. (no ugly bolts showing) But that involved installing a special mount on the floor first. (Picture above)A few leveling adjustments, then the hidden bolts attached… and Voila!Our friend Kay stopped by with sushi and champagne to celebrate the first flush.         Now we worked on installing the pocket door.Since this is the only room in our house that doesn’t open up to at least one window, we wanted to have a door with glass to let in natural light. So we refinished this beautiful french door (salvaged), that we have made into a pocket door.  We will be putting an obscuring film over the glass for our more shy friends.There is still some trim to do but we now have a fully functioning bathroom!  It only took six years.  PS  Anyone want to buy a 33′ travel trailer?

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