The Last Templation of a Counter

We worked on the Bar counter which butts up to the curved corner wall between the kitchen and living room.  In order to ensure a good fit, I made a template first.  Then I cut the plywood (same plywood as the kitchen counter) to fit.The clear coated Poplar plywood looks really nice and has an interesting grain coloration right in the center.  Eventually, we would like to have some sort of solid surface counter like granite or concrete but for now this will do,

Gunning for the West … Wall

This weekend we started work on the wall between the master bedroom and living room.  Framing on a curved wall is always a challenge but it really helps using these custom metal channels (Made by our friend Don at Riddell Sheet Metal), that are ramset into the concrete.It’s amazing how already just having some of the framing in defines the space.  The living area no longer feels like a big cavern because of the west end being open.  We plan to put a soffit on this wall to mirror the one over the kitchen wall.  It will include LED lighting both up and down.  On the lower part of the wall, we plan to put up some sort of rock facing.

Hopefully by winter, the guest room will be available for guests. :-)

The New WoodStock

The bands may not be playing but the wood stove will be singing this winter.We are trying to lay in as much firewood as we can while we have access to our neighbors woodlot.  This is a bunch of Cherry wood.  Jeff loves to split wood, (I do all the chain sawing), but it’s nice having the hydraulic splitter for the tougher bits.

Moby Gets A Workout

Our neighbor Steve offered to let us cut any of the fallen trees on his property. We couldn’t pass this opportunity to stock up on firewood.

We used Willie the Winch (Sorry, but I just can’t help naming equipment) to pull the logs out of the pile.  It didn’t take long to fill up Moby.  Jeff is going to have fun splitting all this wood.  Then we will be back for more.