Not Your Father’s Lightbulb

It’s hard to imagine that the funny little orange dots on this LED (Light Emitting Diode), fixture produce as much, if not more light than an incandescent bulb. And using just a fraction of the electricity. Nearly all of the lights in our house are LEDs which will help keep our utility bills low and maybe do a little to help save the planet too.

We thought we would add a little whimsy to the lighting scheme in our master bedroom so that no matter what the weather might be like outside, we will always wake up to…..Even our amazing statue of Ganesha (Remover of obstacles), is beautifully lit with LED lights.  He is right at home in our niche.Namaste.

Getting Plastered….Again

With most of the plaster board up in the master bedroom, it’s time to play in the mud.I mix the plaster in small batches because it sets up fairly quickly and I’m not that fast.  Though not completely finished in the room, this was about all my “old” arms could handle doing in a day.  Meanwhile…Jeff worked on assembling the dresser that will end up in our walk-in closet.  Notice how organized he is. (the separate dishes of parts in the first picture).  Jeff was very proud of putting this all together by himself.  I’m proud of him too.

Westward Progress

After Jeff installed the sound proofing insulation in the wall between the living room and master bedroom, it was time to put up the plaster board.

We also worked on finishing off the little nook that is to the left of the TV cabinet in the living room.  This is where stereo equipment will eventually go with speaker conduit running to other parts of the house. It was easier to work on it while still “exposed” through to the bedroom.We were able to get most of the plaster board up behind where the bed will go and around the doorway.  There will be two individually controlled reading lights in the soffit above the bed (LEDs of course).  Its exciting to have some real progress in the master bedroom.

Don’t forget to Duct








As mentioned in an earlier post, we are installing an AirShare Room to Room transfer fan.  This will blow the heated air near the ceiling (behind the wood stove), down to floor level in the master bedroom.  Our great friend, Don Riddell of Riddell Sheet Metal built us a custom metal duct to carry that heated air.

The nearly twelve foot duct looks kind of cool I almost hate to cover it up. but…Here goes the first piece of plasterboard in the master bedroom.