Curb Appeal

In preparation for the exterior stucco, we need to create a sloped curb at the base of the footings. (for drainage)  This is requiring a lot of mortar but we were able to take up some of the “space” with bricks.Now we have a nice sloping curb on the three exposed sides of our house. We are ready for the Stucco guys now.   The Stucco will extend down the wall and over the curb. For the time being, the steel arches will remain exposed.  So Jeff braved the ladder and painted them. Unfortunately this is the last big project that I can work on for a while.  I have suffered a shoulder injury which will take months to heal.  So I can’t really do any heavy work that requires the use of my right arm. Fortunately, our guest accommodations are ready (enough) for visitors.  In fact we have had two already.