Underwater Photography: Komodo National Park

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Trying to convey the beauty and glamour of the underwater world of Komodo was no easy task. All of the colors of the rainbow were shining bright and free in every which direction, every hue that has ever made its way into any finger-painting concoction was highlighted and looking its absolute best. Everything around me made me wish so badly that I had gills so I could spend the rest of my days floating through the depths of the ocean and trying to follow it to the ends of the earth.

To think about how much of this world is really left so undiscovered is baffling, and every so often I find myself stopping for a minute and thinking about the fact that while I am trying to navigate my way through whatever country I am in, there is someone out there in the UAE perhaps getting ready for work and someone in South Dakota is getting married and dolphins playing in the waters just off the coast of Tasmania and a star is falling through the sky over Nepal.

There is so much going on in this world every second of every day. It truly never sleeps.

As I round off my posts for the Wicked Diving Komodo Liveaboard, I do so with sharing some of my favorite photos from four days of diving.













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