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Ancelotti, a Garbage Patch State ‘Citizen’

Football is without a doubt the greatest passion of Carlo Ancelotti. It is the engine that has pushed him to achieve a 40 year career on football pitches, first as a player and secondly as a coach. Nevertheless, beyond this known passion of him, the current Real Madrid coach finds a vital impulse on the commitment to build a better world for everybody. This is why he is working so hard to find a cure for ALS (Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis) through the Borgonovo Foundation or his unconditional backup of ‘Garbage Patch State’, a state known and created by UNESCO on the 11th of april 2013 to denounce and condemn the plastic seas that get our oceans dirty and saveguard the conservation of the planet.

Precisely, the friendship that Carlo Ancelotti has with the artist María Cristina Finucci also serves as a motive to collaborate on the active defence of the environment. Not in vane, Finucci is the founder and promoter of the Garbage Patch State, a foundation with which Ancelotti feels completely identified, serving and helping it without hesitation. This is why Finucci’s work called ‘Light Box’, that symbolizes the oceans in which plastic isles of dirt float, is one of the most appreciated gifts that Ancelotti received during his birthday of the past 10th of June.

Carlo, of course, wanted to share his gift (with a photo) with all his thousands of fans on his social networks to help and share the problem that affects our planet, and that it seems it has no importance for society. There are more than 16 million kilometres of dirt floating over the oceans and it is not a trivial subject for Ancelotti.

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