Carlo Ancelotti


Encouragement to his players after Spain’s elimination

The World Cup is football’s top celebration. The most prestigious competition and the one that has the most amount of audience. Everybody, from professionals to fans, follow their national team in each and every single match, but people also look at other teams in the tournament. Carlo Ancelotti, of course, is one of them.

Real Madrid’s coach, that is now enjoying his vacations, is following with interest everything happening in Brazil. Not in vane it is the most important event for all footballers. An Analysis and knowledge tournament that no coach wants to miss.

When it comes to that Analysis it is obvious that Spain’s elimination on the first leg is one of the biggest surprises. The current Champion of the World has been defeated twice (Netherlands and Chile), disabling them from getting to the second leg. It is undoubtedly a shock for all Spanish players, among which there are three ‘madridistas’ like Sergio Ramos, Iker Casillas and Xabi Alonso.

Carlo Ancelotti, who knows that these kind of eliminations are always difficult to digest, wanted to be near his Real Madrid players and he sent them a few encouraging words in a phone conversation after their defeat to Chile. It was a cheering up message to help them stand up again in a difficult moment of their career.

Ramos BACK